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Born of Illusion by Teri Brown (3 stars)

Born of Illusion - Teri Brown

Born of Illusion by Teri Brown stars Anna Van Housen, an aspiring magician in 1920's New York with a fame-crazed mother who does mentalist shows and forces Anna to assist in her illegal, but profitable, after-show seances. It has its flaws, but Anna is an overall likable protagonist, and the magic illusions are fun. :)

What I liked:
For the most part, Anna is a smart, resourceful, sensible girl. Her insight into and descriptions of the magic/illusions were entertaining; and I didn't mind the way her supernatural abilities were woven into the plot. The underlying conflict between mother and daughter also made for an interesting family environment and power struggle.

What I didn't like:
The love triangle was a little annoying, as were its corresponding miscommunications. The author spent a lot of time on misdirection with the main conflict/danger/antagonist, so the end felt a little out of nowhere. My biggest letdown was the lack of setting; I mean, it was there, but I didn't feel immersed in the 1920's and I really wanted to see more of that world. I wanted the same magic atmosphere I felt during the stage shows and illusions.

Despite Anna's reduced common sense regarding certain men, the story was, overall, fun and entertaining. It was an easy, light read and I'm interested in seeing where the author takes the next installment.