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The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman I have tried two other Gaiman books and not gotten into them. That was not the case here.

Characters: Nobody Owens is fascinating. You want to learn more about the boy who grew up in a graveyard and his world. At the same time, he's severely normal and you're watching him grow up and try to understand our world like every other kid. I enjoyed watching his journey, and he was likable. The graveyard inhabitants were mysterious, generous, difficult and pompous by turns, but I loved the moments we shared with all.

Romance: None.

Plot: Following the murder of his family, Bod is taken in and raised by a graveyard full of ghosts. It is not safe outside the yard, so we watch him grow up inside its boundaries, though it has its own dangers. By bits then bounds, the outside world breaks into Bod's life and it will take all his courage and knowledge, of the living and dead, to stay alive. Even in "normal" moments, it never feels slow or dull.

Conclusion: It's a fitting un-ending for a wonderful, original story. My complaint might be the seeming abruptness of the grand scheme/worldwide plot coming together.

Highly recommended.