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The Secret of the Old Clock - Russell H. Tandy, Sara Paretsky, Carolyn Keene This is the second original Nancy Drew mystery I have read, The Hidden Staircase being the first. While I did not love this one the way I did the other, it was still an enjoyable read and its heroine was (thankfully) unrecognizable from the curbed-curiosity, overly safety conscious, danger fearing, fully law abiding, frighteningly domestic Nancy who appeared in the 1950's re-writes. This Nancy does whatever it takes to solve the mystery and isn't afraid to take chances, make mistakes and get messy.

My only issue with this book might have been Nancy's glee at causing the snooty Topham family misfortune as she helped Josiah Crawley's poor relatives and friends. They were predictably one-dimensional villains, but an extra layer of even occasional sympathy for them would have done Nancy good.

Also, I highly recommend reading the publisher's note at the front of the book.