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The Book of Three - Lloyd Alexander This is one of those famous children's books I didn't read as a kid. I am very glad I listened to my cousin and gave it a shot. It is still a fun, entertaining story, even for an adult.

On the surface, every character sounds like one I would hate. Gwydion is a know-it-all, perfect, magical prince. Taran is an idiot of an Assistant Pig Keeper with a hero complex and a tendency to make mistakes at every turn. Eilonwy never shuts her mouth. Fflewdur is a small time king turned bard who lies a lot. Gurgi is a cross between Gollum and an Ewok (and I struggled to stop hearing the Disney voice as I read). Strangely, all these traits that would kill other books worked perfectly in this one and I enjoyed it.

I will definitely be reading the next book in the Chronicles of Prydain and have high hopes for the quintet as a whole.