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Power of Three - Diana Wynne Jones What I love about (99% of) Jones books is that, regardless of my current reading mood or habit, I can pick one up, be drawn in, and enjoy it the whole way through. In that respect, Power of Three did not disappoint.

The plot moves at an ambling pace, most of the cast is quickly sketched with more detail filled in as the mostly main character comes to understandings and realizations, and the ending is a little abrupt and too neat, even compared to Jones' normally abrupt endings.

Still, I enjoyed the story and these flaws/stylistic choices were easily overlooked. It's a great guy or girl read and portrays several timeless questions common to children, teenagers, and adults, among them those of one's self worth, one's perception of others, and coming to terms with the undesirable parts of one's character.

Short, fun read. Good for a rainy day.