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For Darkness Shows the Stars - Diana Peterfreund I'd love to do a character/plot/romance/writing breakdown of this book, but I seem to have more difficulty articulating why I like a book, as opposed to why I hate it, and I did like this one. It had a few elements that irked me, but nothing that weighed heavy on my mind upon turning the last page.

Persuasion is a Jane Austen story that always slightly bugged me because the starting conflict, the premise, is that a girl let someone else talk her out of marrying the guy she loved because of status, money, etc. Weak-willed and weak reasoning tends to bug me. This retelling solved that problem. Elliot North is the behind the scenes manager of her family's estate, which her father squanders, responsible for the well being of all the Post and Reduced (limited cognitive ability) workers living on it. That responsibility comes first and drives her decisions. It made her a character I could respect and care about.

Plot-wise, I think the book stayed pretty close to the general story of Persuasion, and the pacing was good. My only complaints might be that Kai was a little too much of a jerk for a little too long - but I suppose it's true to its predecessor in that regard - and the author spent just a little too long inside Elliot's head during her moments of confusion and indecision.

Overall, I enjoyed the story and its characters. And, icing on the cake, it was in third person. Looking forward to checking out the next in this series and more from this author.