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Sunshine - Robin McKinley I've been a fan of McKinley's revamped fairy tales, and being a bit of a vampire fan, too, I was really looking forward to this one. On the positive side, the writing is descriptive, and the vampires in this actually burn in sunlight! No sparkling!

Unfortunately, the plot felt disjointed at more than one point, the protagonist's voice didn't grab me, and ultimately, it slipped into that dreaded realm where I want to toss the main characters aside and learn more about the sidekicks in the background.

This was also supposed to be an "adult novel." Aside from a little language and two or three mature situations (which added absolutely nothing to the story), it could have been one of McKinley's usual YA reads, and honestly, I wish it had been.

On that note, it left plenty of room to continue with a sequel, but I can't say I'm holding out much hope for that.